Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daylight outside until 9:00 pm.

Hey pay attention!

We have arrived in the special months of the year.

We have light outside until 9:00 pm.

We have this joy until August.

Everything is green outside, the flowers are blooming and the birds. are singing.

The sun is warm again, and the temperature will not go below freezing again until November.

In other words, we are living in paradise.

What should you do in Paradise?

You should go outside and ride your bike.

Do it now.


I am.

After work, or after supper, we are now in the prime season for daylight.

A word about sunsets.

Sunsets are great.

But you have to make the effort to get outside to see them.

If you are outside during or after sunset, put a front and back light on your bike. I personally use both on my city bikes, and we am beginning to carry a front light in the pocket when we ride road-bikes.

Our absolute favorite relaxing after-supper bike ride, you can not beat riding up Olmstead road, riding around the summit, stopping at the downtown-from-above lookout at the Chalet Mont Royal. Then continue back to Beaver Lake and stop and sit down and enjoy the sunset.

Tonight's destination, perhaps the gentle dirt-road climb of Olmstead road, then south and west for a while, until we hit water and have to turn back.

Darn this island!


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