Saturday, May 03, 2008

Defi Cyclosportif du Quebec - Charlevoix 2008

The 2008 Cyclosportif du Quebec - Charlevoix information is now available.

This region is one of the great scenic destinations in Quebec. It's where the mountains meet the sea, 'nuff said.

The route is a bit different than last year. The beauty and hills of the Charlevoix region retain their timeless attraction. If you have never visited, go there this summer. If this circuit is too difficult, try Ile aux Coudres: it is relatively flat, has several attractions, free ferry ride, and great scenery, and it is under 30 km. Even our noncyclist friends liked this ride. Hint: visit the lookout tower on the west side of the island. Tip: leave your car in St-Joseph de la Rive and take the ferry on bike, you will avoid long var lineups to get on the ferry: bikes board first and during busy times car's sometimes have to wait for the next ferry. This little ride and tourism experience was one of our best of 2007. Don't miss the maritime museum in St-Joseph de la rive. Also, try both hills in this village from sea level up to the top of the hill: you'll earn supper. The easy one is 18%!!

Here is the link to the (pdf) event brochure (french).

Here is the link to the 2008 route map on Bikely.

Here is the link to the 2007 route on Bikely.

Here's the link to the Club cycliste de Charlevoix.

We don't go for the big crowds thing, but we will visit during summer vacation in July and try this new route. We are... excited.

Some of the CFM gang visited the Charlevoix last summer and rode the 2007 cyclosportif route and we loved it a lot! All, except that 18% hill in Ste-Irenée, but it was only a few metres of walking... in an otherwise amazing ride.


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