Saturday, May 03, 2008

Important bike commuting corridor Rockland overpass to be demolished


Anyone bicycle commuting to the northwest regions of Montreal around the northeast side of Mt Royal and specifically between the ville St-Laurent to eastern downtown/Plateau area knows about the usefulness of the Rockland overpass over the train tracks between Outremont and TMR(VMR).

La Presse newspaper reports today that after millions in renovations in 2007 & 2008 this key-bike transportation corridor overpass (this links to Graham blvd in TMR/VMR as the direct, non-artery route) will be demolished and replaced. These renovations will only prolong the life of this overpass for 3-5 years, and with the proposed replacement of the nearby rail yard into either housing, hospital or satellite bioscience campus of Université de Montreal, we all knew something different was probably coming.

OK, it's not all bad news, the good news is that this "death-highway" overpass will be rebuilt, under or over ground, according to the latest standards of street design, which we cyclists dearly hope includes a safe transportation lane for bicycle users, since we pay taxes and have a right to our share of the roadway for safe bicycle use.

The fact that this is a key bicycle transportation corridor should make a difference here, but is the city listening? La Presse reports:

À l’instar de l’échangeur du Parc-des Pins, en voie de devenir la fenêtre verte du mont Royal, l’administration municipale espère aboutir avec un viaduc flambant neuf conforme aux exigences de la Charte du piéton et du Plan de transport de Montréal. Les experts de Montréal, de concert avec ceux de Mont-Royal et d’Axor/Géniplus, incluront donc dans leurs études la possibilité d’aménager une piste cyclable et un trottoir du côté est de cette vieille structure, qui relie Mont-Royal à Outremont. (link to complete article)
It looks like, maybe, possibly, they are listening. Good news at last.


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