Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday, and the rain has started...

OK, I think we speak for all cyclists when we say WE HATE RAIN!!!!

What to do on a rainy Saturday?

Watch the defisportif competition?

Go to the Blue Metropolis trilingual literary festival (let's call it the books and authors festival). Hey, you are reading now, so you must like it. Last night we say Richard Pound, ex vice president of the International Olympic Committee and chairman of the World Anti-Doping association. Some call him the man who closed down pro cycling, but the smarter among us recognize that we want to watch fair competitions. But I digress.

Visit the many open house of design montreal.

Visit the UQAM design school year end show.

Explore short distance some of the heritage locations of Montreal.

Visit the chunk of the berlin wall located in Montreal's "underground city?" (hint: cite internationale)

Take some books, cds and dvds out from the Grande Bibliotheque? This place is GREAT.

Visit the Musee des beaux Arts which is Free. Only the major shows charge admission. The museum itself is free and completely worth a visit.

Visit the Centre Canadien d'architecture (CCA) which is a true jewel of the city's cultural life.

Clean and tune up your bike?

Shop for a new bike? (you're worth it!)

Or, all of the above!

Update: we have been forced to admit that we will also vegetate on the sofa watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report until we get cramps from laughing too much.


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