Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Montreal to St-Hilaire ride

A spectacular 100 km after-work ride

Confession: we did not actually get to St-Hilaire, because we stayed on this side of the richelieu river and tried a new road. But St-Hilaire was our visual landmark, and we did the ride with this in mind.

This was the third time we tried to do this ride. We had some serious troubles previously, including two flats and a broken axle. Today was perfect and we used up all the available light: 4:30 pm to 9 pm ride. Rain missed us, while getting every body else in the area wet. Very lucky!

100 km ride from park and st-Joseph centre of the universe. Jacques cartier bridge. Spiral Overpass. Route Verte #1, Chambly, St-Basile le Grand, St-Julie (almost), Beloil, Chanbly, Carignan, and back on the route verte #1 back to Montreal, Pont jacques Cartier at sunset.

Here is the Bikely map of the ride.


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