Friday, June 06, 2008

Block that bike path!

Moving van blocking Mile End's Clark street bike path.

we occasionally draw the readers attention to the issue of "civisme," or civil behaviour. We like the french word civisme, it sums up the concept nicely.

It is a fact that most cyclists and motor vehicle drivers ride/drive safely and treat other users of the streets with courtesy and respect, they follow the rules of the road, they drive is a safe predictable manner that does not make aother road-user's life more dangerous or difficult.

Some people, perhaps born without the courtesy gene, don't give a flying f**k and

Whether it is not yielding the lawful right of way to the other road user, be it a cyclist, a driver or pedestrian, blocking the crosswalk or bike path (everyone's guilty here sooner or later), riding a bike too fast and too close to a pedestrian, riding a bike on the sidewalk or against one-way traffic, locking your bike up so that it blocks a reduced-mobility-person's access ramp in to a store, yes, we've ranted about all these and more.

But one rant has waited until today. Today we'll take up the dangerous habit of some motor vehicle users who park their car or truck on the bike path. Blocking the bike path. Forcing bikes in to the car traffic lane in a dangerous game of squeeze the bikes into the car lane and past the obstacle.

Tonight we'll look at that last one, vehicles blocking the bike lane.

A bike lane is a wonderful thing. Cyclists can ride carefree because they know, for certain, that there carefree bike lane is also car-free.

Until some jerkoid brain-dead good-for-nothing brain-the-size-of-a-pea didn't-your-mama-teach-you-anything loser maroon person parks his car or truck and blocks the bike path.

Thanks, sir, for your courtesy.

This forces bikes and cars together into the squeeze of death. Aieee!

This van habitually blocks bike path on Christophe Coulombe (at zigzag at Jarry to Boyer street)

In other news...

City forgets to paint bike path

The Rockland Overpass repairs are completed, and two lanes have reopened in each direction. This is a critical link for access between Plateau/Outremont and points west, like Saint Laurent (access via graham blvd through TMR).

The city seems to have forgotten to paint a bicycle-lane on the new asphalt.

Any volunteers want to do the job that the city forgot?


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