Sunday, June 08, 2008

ICE - In Case of Emergency

When you leave home for some adventure on bike, do you make sure that someone knows where you have gone?

Leave a paper with your name, car, and desctination and riding route with a responsible person. Make it a habit.


Cycling across the city or countryside can occasionally be perilous. This could be an unforeseen repair or delay, or an accident.

Or one of the riders gets eaten by bears. (reminder: practice sprinting!)

When you are not home by supper-time, and then by bedtime, what information does your loved one(s) know about your whereabouts? Do they have enough information if they need to call 911?

Your ICE (In Case of Emergency) information should contain the following:
  • The rider's name (including the one on the medicare card)
  • The model of car and the license number
  • The driving destination and parking location
  • Map showing the ride's route.
  • Cell phone numbers of the rider
  • Cell phone number of regular/todays riding buddies.

Over the 40 or so years of riding, there have been two or three incidents, and because we were a bit prepared, everything turned out ok.


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