Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ICE - telling someone where you've gone

When we leave for a bicycle ride, we like to tell our loved ones where we've gone.

Here's an example of this, telling where we driving to and parking the car, the ride, and possible variations. We use a bikely map as the source of our inspiration for the ride, so we link to the map too.


We're going for a ride, leaving at 10:00 am, back for 7-8 pm

The map (link below) describes todays route, it is again on north shore of river NE of mtl, but just a bit further away than yesterday and a bit closer to Trois Rivieres than Mtl.

I will park at Louiseville, again, probably at the town church.

I may add to this route:
northern end of ride: Saint-Paulin-to St-Alexis des Monts
Eastern end: chemin du Roy bike route: Louiseville to to Yamachiche
Western End: chemi du roy bike route: Louiseville to St-Barthelemy

this is the map of the suggest core ride:


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