Thursday, June 19, 2008

Louiseville -to St-Paulin to St-Alexis des Monts

Pastoral countryside roads

Tree-lined road tunnel

Horse enjoying summer too

one big trout!

rear tire worn out and flatted after only 11 months, and five of those months were winter!

Day three of vacation sees La Mauricie's Louiseville as our starting point for some more "north of the river" explorations.

We got a map off bikely which looked like a nice loop ride, and added St-Alexis des Monts at the north end of the ride to increased the ride's distance a bit. Plus St-Alexis des Monts was the easternmost point reached so far in our long-term odyssey we like to call the "Tremblant to Trois Rivieres" ride project. With today's ride we extended the ridden-so-far section east to St-Paulin. Yes! Once we've explored it all we will do it is a one day ride. A lo-o-o-o-ong one day ride!

Everything went our way on this ride, we didn't get lost or take too many wrong turns, the only rain was when we eating a snack at St-Alexis and we ducked under a nearby tarp, and when the snack was over so was the rain. (yes!). The scenery was first rate, the roads were mainly back-road and rural, only the ride to St-Alexis was highway. And Louiseville was a decent little town.

Here is the Bikely map of this ride (link).

We added St-Alexis des Monts to the northern end of this ride


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