Friday, June 06, 2008

Quebec Bicycle Vacations

If you google Quebec Bicycle Vacations, you get your search results, and on the right side, you get ads related to these search terms.

Question: are any of these ads actually for Quebec Bicycle Vacations?

Nope. Sorry. SOOL.

However, the regular search results are pretty good and you can get lots of info.

Try it for yourself. click here to search the Google. Then come to Quebec for a bicycle, culture, festival, scenery, history, and food vacation. We have a lot of all these things.

You also might want to go to Bonjour Quebec, the major quebec tourism portal. It's available in at least 12 different "languages."

Getting back to the ad search, what about the ad search in french? Using the canadian-french google I searched for Quebec Velo Vacances

With or without a "s" at the end, I got ads for places in quebec.

Here's a thought: perhaps Quebec business and tourism-regions should be trying just a wee-tiny bit to attract english speaking tourists from the rest of North America?

I know, we don't want to have our really good thing spoiled by bunches of tourists, but if tourism is part of our economic future, we should really try to attract more tourists from the rest of Canada and the USA.

Quebec is a great bicycle holiday vacation destination. The food can be pretty good, it's a good place to be a localvore. And if you bike all day, you can eat all night, guilt free (as long as you avoid the poutine).


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