Friday, June 20, 2008

Rainy rest day over, today it's time to ride again!

Mont Orford - lac Memphremagog ride map (link)

The rainy thursday is over and now ancient history, so it is time to get on the bike again.

Today we will try a nice looking (on bikely) ride around Mont Orford and west of lac Memphremagog. The ride is callec cyclo-magog and we're leaving in T-20:00

A major expansion of Parc Orford was just announced, but still now news on land a bit further north, specifically the Lac Larouche (no-)rock climbing area where rock climbing has been banned for two decades. We are still waiting for further announcements for this land to be acquired and pronounced legal-to-climb. Do NOT go climbing here before it is legal, we have been waiting a long time for the climbing ban to end, so don't screw it up with the goal of legal-climbing being so close!

But we digress.

This ride will be sort-of "next door" to the excellent Knowlton-Sutton-Mansonville-Owls Head- Lac Memphremagog (link) ride of last year. At the time I called it "Sutton Loop - Southern Quebec's most beautiful ride" and that is still accurate.

Today's weather forecast is a bit iffy, but this week has been pretty good so far, only occasional rain showers, so let's hope today's rain stays away!


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