Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Cole sisters bike from Montreal to Ottawa... in 1916!

Traveling with a bicycle isn't a recent invention. In fact, traveling was probably the first use of a bicycle.

Here are three sisters who were bicycling from Montreal to Ottawa, in 1916. What an adventure that must have been.

Photograph | The Coles sisters on a bicycle trip from Montreal to Ottawa, QC-ON, 1916 | MP-1976.175.1
Bike touring 1916-style (courtesy McCord Museum and Notman Archives)

None of these bikes would look out of place today. They have have lights, fenders, and racks.

We wonder how this journey to Ottawa went, whose idea it was, where did they stay along the way, did they take the train back home, and what adventures did they have along the way.

We hope they had fun. In fact, we think for sure they had fun.


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