Tuesday, August 12, 2008

urban bike ride suggestion: visit Montreal's Elm Trees

The American Elm tree is one of the magnificent trees.

The Elm (orme in french) used to own this city, then came the Dutch Elm Disease, and this fungal disease did a good job killing them (or making them dangerous so they had to be cut down).

But the species was not wiped out entirely.

This is great news!

We always wondered if we could find an Elm in Montreal, to see what they look like. But... we never quite got around to it.

Until today.

It turns out they were not wiped out, and we can find some around town. If we know where to look.

The always interesting website Spacing Montreal has started a "Tree Tuesday" series by Bronwyn Chester. To my surprise and delight the writer has dedicated an entire column to the Elm tree in Montreal.

Your mission: get on your bike and visit some of Montreal's remaining Elm trees. Here are five locations where the elm still exists in Montreal.
  • 1) Jarry Park – look for the two tallest trees
  • 2) Montreal Botanical Gardens
  • 3) Parc du Boisé des Pères (corner of Dickson and Rosemont)
  • 4) Christophe-Colombe, north of Metropolitain Highway, alongside the bike path: a rare grove of American elms
  • 5) Near the Bordeau prison on rue Zotique Racicot, between rues Jean Tournois and Edmond Valade
Good luck with your mission, and give the trees a hug when you visit.


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