Friday, September 26, 2008

Dangerous Montreal bus driver

Montreal city bus driver, learning he had not killed us, conceals his face.

This bus driver, who seemed to have some road rage issues, almost killed us yesterday.

He passed us going downhill on St-Joseph, he was in the middle lane with fast-moving traffic, but he wanted to be in our lane, so when he was half-past us he pulled over into our lane FAST.

The only motivation we can deduce was that he was trying to scare us, a.k.a. "teach us a lesson."

What he actually did was attempted murder.

He covered his face when we tried to snap a photo at the light, because he KNEW he did something wrong.

That something was a serious crime.

We have called the police. We were obeying every traffic law in the books. We did nothing wrong. This bus driver should have his license taken away and serve some serious jail time for what he did. We still physically shake from adrenaline when we recall how close we came to death.

We take this kind of assault with intent to kill very seriously.

What if he had gotten away with murder?

Bus on route 51, thursday Sept 25 5 pm.


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to report a bus driver don’t bother with the police first.

Just make sure you take note of both the bus line number (the big sign on top — presumably “27 St-Joseph” here) and, most importantly, the turn number, that’s the smaller number on the lower-left (looking at the oncoming bus) corner of the windshield.

Then you complain to the STM giving that information. The police may shrug it off, but the STM will at least give shit to the driver.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the Bus drivers Union has not shown any concern for their drivers situation of having to depend on these DANGEROUS mirrors in their daily work performance. August 14th I saw a horrible accident on the corner of St. Charles and Kirkland Blvd. whereby a 19 year old male was hit by the bus mirror, knocked to the ground and his upper body landed somehow under the bus WHICH, UNAWARE STARTED TO MOVE! Thankfully he pretty much walked away with a really banged up face and missing teeth but the bus driver was not aware until passengers started yelling to stop! August 27th moments before 9 am I witnessed a female bus driver drive up on the sidewalk deliberately to pass a car that was in the inside lane on St. Charles - south direction (traffic was bottlenecked) just to be able to continue (make the light?) and turn west onto Sherbrooke????? Was this necessary???? Did her passengers appreciate her judgement call??? Was this the being of her shift...God bless her future passengers that day! I feel strongly that our Montreal bus drivers daily face the crazy drivers of our city but that being said they are there to "get the job done" in the most effecient way SAFELY and possibely they are challenged and unfortunately do not rise to the occasion but push the limits instead. Overall I feel they need to take a more cautious approach. Is it possible they work too long shifts vs the demands placed on the job?

T. Phillip

At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost got clipped by a bus at Cote Vertu Metro a pedestrian. I told the driver I'd be making a complaint and he just said "go ahead". I followed up with all the detailed info emailed to the STM...they called back in a couple weeks, claiming that they'd be talking to the driver. What assurance do we have that this actually happens?

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to carry a camera from now on.
I get the same treatment on Park Ave. and I have a really hard time calming down after nearly getting run over. Ideally, I think it's best to talk to the driver and let him know he did something wrong but I usually end up pulling up alongside and presenting my middle finger.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

Despite our experience and all yours, we would like to say that the vast majority of montreal city bus drivers are courteous and safe.
It's tough job to drive down a city street in a big bus with all the crazy drivers (car AND bike) and to all those safe bus drivers, well, thank you, you deserve some credit for doing the job safely.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a New York bus operator for almost 30 years. Our job is difficult because we have to look for careless pedestrians on their cell phones while jaywalking into traffic. What about the text messaging addict wondering around in the bus lane? We have to watch out for careless car drivers who enjoy cutting off buses in bad weather to teach us a lesson. We have to watch out for mothers who like to push their baby carriages off the curb in front of a bus. Nobody seems to care about pain and suffering when hit by a bus. Instead you the pedestrians and amateur car drivers care about compensation. What happened to instinct and self-preservation? Stop and think before you play in traffic with buses. Which government agency can bus operators report daredevil pedestrians irresponsible mothers and road rage car drivers to?

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Unai said...

Does anyone knows if there is an equivalent to ICBC (Brisith Columbia) here in Quebec? I got hit by a Bus really hard two days ago and thanks God I am alive. However, I am in serious pain and I lost my olfaction, so I cannot smell anymore. Where can I submit my complaint or my statement of the accident?

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about two months now that the route for bus 107 has been messed up due to the constructions and an accident on Peel. The bus info. doesn't know the new route and drivers has been randomly going up Drummond or Mansfield. Despite all these confusions, it happened to me several times that I see the bus and it is in a safe place waiting for the traffic light and the driver still doesn't let me in. There are tons of people taking that bus to go to Royal Vick. hospital and we are all fed up with this situation.

At 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing ever happens to rude or incompetent bus drivers in Montreal. The union is too strong and it will grieve EVERY disciplinary action. Plus, if no complaints are registered against a driver after a few months, her or his record will be wiped clean. The STM does not bother to punish poor drivers because the deck is stacked against them.


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