Monday, September 22, 2008

Dangerous pont Jacques Cartier bridge bike path in the news!

Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge has one of the best bike paths in Montreal. Wide, separate from traffic, smooth, newish, great views, it's a paradise of bicycling infrastructure.

Then you arrive on the south shore, the bike path becomes 2/3 of the size of a safe two-way path, it has a downhill grade so some cyclists go too fast, it's hemmed in by fences with obstacles, and the road surface is bumpitybumpitybump bad.

This bike path (piste cyclable) is DANGEROUS.

The federal body that owns the bridge has plans to fix it, in 2012.

This omission to finish the PJC's bike path back all the way to street level has been a huge gap in the safe bike path network of Montreal. And it's been an obsession of Cycle Fun Montreal for a long time.

Cyclists don't just deserve, but have a right to safe cycling infrastructure.

La Presse has reported on the PJC bike path today. A man has been standing on the bike path with a petition and hundreds of people have signed it. You rock dude!

With this publicity we hope that the parties that think not making this part of the path safer (defined as wide enough for two bicycles to pass safely) get moving.

This part of the cross-bridge path is not on the bridge itself, it is back on solid ground, so there's no big engineering cost to fixing this. Let's get moving.

Here's a link to the La Presse article called Une piste ├ętroite et dangereuse.


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