Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Darkness Invades Summer!

We love our small and super-bright tail light

Yes summer is winding down and this means early sunsets (enjoy) and the need to use bike lights after dark and around sunset. To make sure the CARS see you. So you can get home safe and live to ride another day.

We use these two bike lights and are generally satisfied. The aren't perfect, but they work well and the rear light we actually like a lot.

We also use reflective ankle straps, but we note with disappointment that these now cost around five dollars. Each! Ouch!

The tail light is a Planet Bike Super Flash Rear Light.

Our headlamp is the Planet Bike Beamer 5 LED Headlight. We like it in the flashing mode, people seem to see it. There are similar models. Go for bright and flashing.

A headlamp - so people see YOU (so they don't HIT you)


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