Saturday, October 18, 2008

a little late day autumn montreal ride

Montreal, being an island, has a few cross the river and come back again rides.

Our favorite is to cross the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge across the St Laurence river and seaway canal, ride over to the Victoria bridge and cross back over the canal, ride a lap (or ten) around the circuit Gilles Villeneuve race track, ride past bucky's giant geodesic dome and the La Ronde amusement park entrance, and come back again over the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge.

We decided to risk life and limb and took the Rachel street bike path to parc Mont Royal park and ride up Olmstead road to the lookout over downtown at the Chalet Mont Royal. From here we can observe the route of the entire riverside-portion of the ride.

Then we zoom down Cam Houde and back home.

Today's ride was a shakedown ride of the new Rotator Tiger bike, after we installed some fred accessories like a rack, fenders (rear only for now, because preventing wetbutt IS important), speedo, mirror, lights, rack bag, kickstand, spd pedals, and got the seat position dialed in.

Even with the fredified accessories, we were able to keep up to the Lemond-riding guy with amazingly-sculpted thighs around the circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Because this is one fast bike.

Conclusion, this was a good couple-of-hours ride, and the new Rotator rocks!


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