Wednesday, April 01, 2009 bike maps, bad behaviour, and good rides

We (and many other people) have taken the time to make maps of their bike rides on Bikely. Many good rides. And like many good things in this world, someone else steals them!

In particular, we have noticed that a Bikely user has copied (and by copied we mean stolen) some of the routes we and other people have created and is calling them his (her?) own.

This is dirty pool, bad etiquette, and downright scummy behaviour.We wish this person many flats, broken spokes, and sunburn where the sun don't shine.

But let's not end this post on a sour note.

We really love looking at bike ride maps on, and we have found some great rides here.

Quebec is huge with a ton of geography.

Montreal is well located for literally hundreds of different rides in Quebec (laurentians, lanaudiere, Townships, Mauricie, Quebec, Charlevoix (the real hills of quebec), bas st-laurent, Beauce, Chaudiere Appalache, Gatineau, etc), and if you get tired of this... cross the border to New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, even Ontario. In fact this year we are waiting for a windy weekend, and we want to do a long fast road ride with the wind. Since the wind most often blows from the west, Ontario will be our starting point for this most excellent adventure.

Nothing is better than a good tailwind on a sunny day.


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