Friday, May 15, 2009

Vacation has begun

Sunrise: 5:24 am
Sunset: 8:18 pm
That, friends, is a lot of daylight.

We saved our extra week of vacation to spend it now, the third week of may. Not many bugs, not too hot, everything everywhere is green, it can be a great time to get going and get away.

So, we're getting going and getting away.

Where to? Further explorations to the east. Mauricie south to/in parc de la mauricie, Thetford mines region loop in Chaudiere Appalache carte cyclable (a great booklet, and essential if you are heading to Quebec city.), The new 60 km paved bike path to St-Anselme, Megantic including up to the summit, NE Eastern townships. Hmm, it looks like a theme is emerging: an assortment of rides around the Chaudiere Appalache and eastern Eastern Townships (east of Sherbrooke) touristique regions

A visit to a few favorites would be nice too. The St-Malo East Hereford St-Hermengilde ride is one of our spring classics. And thee's always a new way or a old favorite route around the Chateauguay valley (the best closest-to-Montreal region for road cycling).

Achieving even just a couple of those would make a great vacation. I'm standing up. I'm shaking out the lethargy... I'm going to get packed and leave.

See ya!


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