Saturday, May 16, 2009

We visit the Guru store on boul. St-Laurent

Guru store (on St-Laurent between St-Viateur and Van Horne)

Montreal-region bike manufacturer Guru has opened a snazzy retail location on St-Laurent. The store sells the models that Guru makes, from urban to road to race to hyper exotic.

These are not cheap, but when you get into the "serious bicycle" category which resides above the entry-level (affordable) bicycle price point, there's no getting around that a good quality bike does cost "in the 4 figures." Luckily, it's in the low 4 figures, unless materialistic-status or being racer-dude/dudette is your motivation.

And if you go there now, they have some very good sale prices on a couple of popular models. And I am not talking a mere $50 off, but a $1000 reduction.

The store was busy and we spent a few minutes talking to someone who turned out to be their designer, who was hanging out at the store. These are good bikes, and are modestly attractive too. (we hate gaudy bikes designed around making the brand name as big as possible so it seems the bike frame is just an ad billboard (I'm talking to you Argon and Specialized).

All bike buyers are measure for bike fit and this, friends, is a good thing and frankly, essential to comfort and enjoyment of your new bike.

We always suggest buying local, you do not have to send your money to china to enjoy good quality two-wheeled transportation and recreation. Our custom road bike was quebec-built. Your's could be too.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Love this article and your blog. I just started working at Guru Cycles as marketing manager and would love to speak with you.

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

our email is at the top of the page. Perhaps we could go for a snowshoe walk up Mont Royal some night after work? I have an extra pair of snowshoes.


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