Wednesday, July 08, 2009

bikes + biomechanics + a messy life

We have always tried to live life to the fullest, in our own modest bikecentric way, and sooner or later we knew certain life-experience events would catch up with us. Well, it has! A few weeks ago we pulled a hamstring muscle and discovered that the (unhappy) right side of the body was not quite the same as the (much happier) left side of our body.

So entering into our life is weekly physiotherapy, and stern advice to not hammer! Luckily bikes can be ridden slower (which is not, we point out, the same as slow), and we continue to explore and experience the full joys of life on two wheels.

So life has become a smidge more moderate, and we are looking forward to regaining 100% of our hamstring muscle again, because we got a new mtn bike this year, and we want (heck, we need) to hammer!

We don't want pity, but we do want to stretch properly after rides for a change. And we learned to do the "wiper."


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Child of Pluto said...

ouch! take it easy for a bit. i pulled a hamstring in a martial art training about 8 years ago; tried to be a "samurai" and tough it out without stopping training, and as a result i can still feel it today =(
so give it time to heal and then some more before hammering =)


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