Friday, July 03, 2009

Lachine - Lakeshore bike path

We rode along the Lachine lakeshore bike path tonight.

The path goes along the open shore beside the lake, and is one of the nicest of any Montreal bike path.

Also, it didn't rain on us despte the black clouds. (We said "the south shore is getting drenched, but we won't get rain here." And... it worked.

We did the detour to the small lachine market. and had a sandwich and muffin because it was time for food. We carried the food back to the waterfront and ate at a picnic table on the waters edge. There are many waterside and lakeside parks for picnicking and other forms of rest stops.

Lachine is a great destination for downtown-dwellers. And lakeside is always one of the best sides to be on.


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