Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ste-Martine to Franklin Centre - Chateauguay Valley ride

The ride route, we went clockwise. 81 km of superb riding

The Rockburn Pub, unmarked cop car was parked 200 feet down the road!

Rockburn church and the only rain of the ride.

Jars of jams and jelly, and two powermuffins at Blair Orchard store near Franklin

Apple season is almost here, and they say it's the best season in 15 years

Howick Church

Sunday arrives, and then noon arrives, and we finally depart. 45 minutes later we arrive in Ste-Martine, park at the Arena beside the bike path, and beside a seasonal Sunday farmers market.

We reversed our ride direction a the last second, because there were big black clouds to the north, and much clearer skies to the south. To the south!

Ste-Martine bike path (west) great views of mountain in USA
Howick (services)
Riviere des Anglais, more good views south
The Rock, unique in a bedrock scraped clean by glacier in last ice age 10,000 years ago
Franklin (Centre) (now, with depanneur!)
Blair orchard country store (pigout time)
Rockburn, beau village, and pub for meals
Dewittville, turn and ride NE along Chateauguay river (we rode on south side)
Ormstown (cross to north side of river)
Alan's Corners (battle of Chateauguay, where we kicked Yankee butt)
St-Martine, back to the car, an almost completely rain-free ride.

A bit of rain but the rain thing worked out great for us. In fact, it was a great ride. But when we ride in the Chateauguay valley, (and avoid the numbered highways as much as possible) this is what we expect: great rides every time.


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