Saturday, August 01, 2009

Three visits, better each time - Lanaudiere hill paradise

We have completed our post-vacation hill-climbing atelier and we are ready for some bigger hills.

Our hill riding plan is one visit to Chemin Nordet and three visits to the hills around St-Jean-de-Matha (i.e. ste-emilie-de-l'energie, ste-beatrix, and today down to near Ste-Melanie). The hills are worthy, the scenery double-worthy, and the effort, at least triple worthy! And once completed the cyclist is ready.

Today was the nicest of the days, and with a partner along for the ride (I thought we would be doing a flat ride, he said) we visited the assortment of excellent terrain that we love about this destination. In a nutshell, it's some of the best cycling in Quebec, and our route did almost all of it, except partner wasn't up for the Rang-St-Guillaume delight at the end of the ride.

Oh well, so then it was only 95% superfantastic. But that's a pretty good score. In fact, now that summer is here (to stay) we would do one of these rides every week for eternity!

This ride has too many highlights to list, it's that good. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself, and don't forget to ride Rang-St-Guillaume at the end!

Here's a link to a bikely map of today's ride.


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