Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trans-centreville ride to CCA

Colourful bike parking at UQAM

new Concordia building at Guy, the Reflectorama.

CCA's now 20 year old digs. Old and new, combined with a touch o'class.

Construction of the new bike path on University street. Wide enough to permit ambulances to make good time up the street to the Victoria Hospital at the top.

Second trip to CCA took the Cam Houde climb. These two passed me on first hairpin, but we passed them back and stayed ahead to the top.

Clamshell-type bike parking at UQAM. Note U-lock placed diagonally and both wheels inside clamshell.

lunch chair

CCA's excellent sculpture garden.

We rode over to the CCA (Canadian Centre for Architecture) to get the "friends of the CCA" membership at the 20th anniversary special price of $20. When we arrived, we discovered we had left the bike lock key at home (voyages of discovery can often have unfortunate results, watch the NFB short film here about Henry Hudson, the "discoverer" of Hudson's Bay, and the resulting mutiny). No one in our part mutinied, so we rode back home, got the key, and then rode back to the CCA (over camelien houde hill this time), and then we finally got the Friends of the CCA card ($20 vs $45). Then we had a picnic lunch in the CCA's magnificent sculpture garden. The bike locking at the CCA s a bit funky. The CCA should do a bike-parking expo sometime to display some of the interesting new thinking in bike-parking designs. (worth noting: the bike parking situation in Montreal has improved spectacularly in the past 5 years)

Later we went to the world premier of Tony Gatlif's new film Korkoro at Place des Arts. Place des arts is a bit construction-oriented, so we parked inside the UQAM mini-campus north of PDA.


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