Friday, September 18, 2009

Bicycle + Night+ Lights + You

It's time to get some lights on your bike.

Don't be a black blur, a swooshing shadow in the night, or you might go swooshing over a car. Surprise... (you be thinking, "Uh-oh, this isn't going to have a happy ending")

We know, because a month after getting our first ever real racing bike, we went flying over a car hood during the night, and destroyed that still-brand new racing bike, and our rapid deceleration didn't do our body any favours either (lucky we didn't fly into the car). Oh the joys of our long-ago youth. Yes, we were wearing black. We had very good luck that night.

You just can't count on good luck taking care of things all the time. Every time.

Luck has two colors and one of them is bad luck. Luckily a lot of bad luck can be avoided with some simple preparations.

Do this now:
  1. go to the bike store and buy a front light and a rear light
  2. install these lights (or have the store install them for you)
  3. turn on the lights when you are riding
  4. remember to turn off the lights when finished riding (Very important!)
  5. Remove lights when parking the bike (all modern lights are quick release)
If you want to be extra careful, you can bring some condoms with you when you ride your bike, because you never know when your luck will be extra-extra-good. You just have to live long enough until you get lucky, and that's where bike lights come in.

We love night bike riding for fun and relaxation, and we are a lot more relaxed when we know the car can see us in the dark.

We guarantee that this will be the best 20-30 dollars you'll ever spend.


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