Friday, October 23, 2009

still riding? Bike lights please

OK, it's dark early, and sunshine arrives late in the morning. If you are still riding your bike in these darker and colder days, we congratulate you: good work.

Now we have to ask an annoying and personal question. Do you have lights on your bike?

85% of people don't have bike lights. So, we not surprised if you don't have bike lights. We're just disappointed.

In some ways being a dark shadow riding through the night has a nice evanescent aspect to it. But it's also fooking dangerous, and dangerous in the human stupidity department. (Different from the human intelligence-caused dangerousness department.)

Night riding is much more dangerous than day riding, it's a fact. But you can make it a lot safer with a mere $20 spent on bike lights. A white light in the front, and a red light in the back. It's really very simple.

Nighttime is one of the best times for bike riding. We encourage it. Just don't be invisible: get a light!


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