Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally some good news for mountain biking in Montreal

Will Montreal ever get legal (and fun) facilities for the sport of mountain biking?

We have moved a step forward with the creation of the Montreal urban mountain bike website Bunny Hop.

This group's focus is development of urban mountain biking trails in Montreal.

And they have a really cool logo.

Their website presents news and summaries of the current urban mountain bike trail plans, opportunities, and ideas.

There are several examples of urban mountain bike parks in other cities. Each of those cities faced the relentless opposition of bureaucrats and public opinion. And yet, ultimately, their mountain bike trails became reality. It could happen here (really, it could: bureaucrats are starting to begin to consider beginning to think that it is possible that it is not impossible that "off-road" bicycle use in Montreal could be developed).

This is a great addition to the Montreal online cycling community. We think Bunny Hop has the power to change the world. Go there, read it, and call youy city councillor and mayor. Tell them you want the development of off-road mountain bike trails. And you want them NOW.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger guillaume pare said...

thank you for this post, it's very appreciated. we'll keep you updated on any developments.


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