Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The arrival of slush

Let's get this straight. Slush, which is cold and wet and dirty, is CFM's least favorite environmental hazards of the bicycle part of life. .

It is icy cold. It is dirty with things that you cannot even imagine. We can deal with that, but then there's the fact that slush contains salt. Lots and lots of salt. Salt isn't good for humans, and it isn't good for bikes either. Slush causes corrosion, you definitely do not want corrosion. This is not a patina of age we're talking about.

Cycle Fun Montreal think that bicycles need a better solution to slush than now exists. We need a true "Winter Bike" to be designed. To stimulate the designers CFM proposes an X-prize type contest to invent a successful winter bicycle. We think that it is one of the last great engineering challenge of the bicycle design.


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