Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camillion Houde climb - time for a climb timer?

Riding your bike up the Camillien Houde climb on the east side of Mount Royal is a wonderful thing.

For the cycling geek, the time to make this climb is of some importance. (so is number of climb "laps" but that's a different story)

Everyone has their own time for the climb, and with widely varying start and finish points.

We need some standardization to this parameters of this statistic.

The Taz skatepark and roulodome has a in-line skate speed track, and they have a timer system (un système de chronométrage par transpondeur automatique de type "Prochip AMB"). You buy the chip, and then you pay an annual fee to join their timer-system.

We propose they extend their timer system to the Camelien House climb. With some solar power and wifi or cell technology for the data transmission, your times would be tracked when you rode past their timer-transponder with your wireless-chip (puce in french) and you'd see your time with your home computer or some flavour of wireless computing device.

With this technology we would finally know who is to be crowned the champion of Mount Royal!


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, it's spelt "Camillien Houde".

Second, the newly elected Projet Montreal have this in their platform, according to the link below:

"Close Camillien Houde Rd. to vehicular traffic one evening a week and Sunday mornings, allowing cyclists to train on it."

If you like the sound of that, tell the mayor!

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Deki said...

OK, count me in on closing Camillien Houde to traffic Sunday mornings. It would be nice to get more people riding 'The Houde' and build some excitement for the race we're hosting in September.

For timing your climb, how about we collectively agree on a start and finish loaction first? The finish line painted across the road at the top seems to dissapear over time, and move from year to year. The climb starts...where? After the lights on Mount royal or a bit up the road from there? Let's put some poles in the ground that say 'start your climb here' and 'Finish line', then we can compare our times to the pros when they visit!


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