Wednesday, December 30, 2009

some winter inspiration

Here's a demonstration of some useful skills for urban cycling.

These skills are at the level of wild and insane, and therefore highly entertaining.

The rider is Danny MacAskill, and this is the guy I want to teach me to do back flips on bicycle by riding up the side of a big tree. Or... maybe not.

We don't normally just post amusing links, but it's the middle of winter, and we need some inspiration to go practice some track stands, which is the skill we are supposed to develop this winter.

This raises the fact that Montrealers need a place to ride around INSIDE in the winter.

Perhaps inside the Olympic stadium - the place is vast. And how come there's no big skating rink - or skating-path - in the big cement park outside the Big O along boulevard Pie IX?). Another good place would be the just-closed Clermont GM car dealer and multi-story indoor garage on St-Denis. This would make a great winter indoor bike ride park. If Dubai can have an indoor ski hill, then Montrealers can have an indoor bike trail.

Sigh, in winter we start fantasizing... Only three months until spring!


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