Friday, March 19, 2010

A bike ride in the country, but where to go?

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You want a good bike ride. You want to leave the island because urban traffic and you needs some time apart. Where's a good destination for a bike ride in the country?

We think Ormstown/Huntingdon along the chateauguay river is an excellent early season ride. Cross the Pont Mercier bridge on the Rt 138 and keep taking the 138 until Ormstown, and park in the parking lot of the IGA, at the far side near the pharmacie. Here you will find an outdoor map, and inside is a tourist kiosk with tourist guides.

You can ride along the river or make a triangle-shaped ride and ride south to the roads along the US border. Just avoid the Rt 138 and 201, these are busy highways with poor or no shoulders to ride on and, well, all the other country roads are soooo much nicer.

We love the Chateauguay Valley for cycling.

Click here for all Cycle Fun Montreal's Chateauguay valley rides. You can click the map above for the basic info. FYI, anywhere inside the traced route is probably a good bike ride. (Just avoid the Rt 138 and 201)


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous woocash said...

Thanks to you guys I discovered this region a few years back and I love it!


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