Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bike survey at work - followup

Our (major corporate) employer seems intent on improving infrastructure for bicycle commuting employees.

We had a survey last year, and this week's followup was asking for specific recommendations from people at our specific site.

What the company seems to be planning is a change room, and what is inside the change room is the question. Mirror, lockers (lockers big enough to put enough layers of bike wear along with enough ventilation to permit the clothes to dry out after a rain or a sweaty ride), toilet, hair dryer, etc.

Users also responded asking for protected, safe and secure bike parking (i.e. behind a gate or an isolated location), covered bike parking, and bike lockers. Because we'd like to ride our good bikes to work, but don't really like the idea of leaving them outside all day long tempting the riffraff.

Our response? We specifically want lockers that are big enough to hold --and dry-- our cool-weather bike clothes, and safe, secure bike parking. We are quite tired of changing in a toilet stall. And tired also worrying if all our bike parts will be still on the bike when we step out at the end of the day (because some people see a parked bike as an invitation to acquire free accessories).

Good things do happen... when cyclists speak out about their needs.


And we would dearly like to see a lot of police action to slow down the speeding car drivers on the surrounding roads. Car-pedestrian/cyclist accident risk of fatality goes way up once the car speed is above 40 km/h. And it isn't the car driver who is the dead one.


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