Saturday, March 13, 2010

Montreal urban mtn-bike trail development conference

There will be a conference concerning urban mountain biking infrastructure development in Montreal, on 9 april at Le Taz.

We know that there is a complete absence of infrastructure (=trails) for mountain biking in Montreal. We know that for two years the issue has been studied by the city and les amis de montagne.

Now we see that they want to hear from us. Well, not from us specifically because tickets cost $150! And that is with MEC event sponsorship. Well, that will keep the riff-raff away from the conference fersure.

We hope that good things will eventually result from the deep and long consideration to on-island trail development. Because for 20 years the city has had it's head in the sand about any infrastructure for mountain bike riders. No trails is no problem said the city. This policy is changing, we hope, but at a pace that would make the slowest city bureaucrat happy, which seems to be the city's continuing policy. Face it, the city hates mountain biking and mountain bikers. We hope this conference changes that. But at $150 per ticket, it's not like the actually want to hear from many actual mountain bikers. Because we have better things to do with $150 bucks than spend it on a five-hour conference.

OK, to be fair, you can volunteer to be a volunteer at this event. And we agree that need this conference. It's about time: mtn biking was banned in Montreal in 1990!

And the fact that this conference is going to be held at all is really positive news. But will we see any actual trail development in the next few years? I guess it is time to start being optimistic! (not least because the Taz is located along the Miron Quarry, which is being developed into a recreation park in the next few years. This site has major potential for mtn bike trails, and without any of the usual knee-jerk resistance to trail development on Mont Royal from the city, ecolos, and les amis de montagne.


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