Thursday, March 18, 2010

We need a winter-bike design X-Prize

We have yet to see a bike we could honestly call a "winter bike."

Why not? Because it is a very niche market. And the task is more engineering and innovation intensive than just another flavour of the 1000s of road bike designs that already exist.

To stimulate the designer energy, we propose a prize for best winter bike.

We think a winter bike should have:
  • freeze-proof drive-train and brakes
  • corrosion protection against water and salt
  • traction and lots of it
  • excellent slush protection
  • manufacture-ability, no fantasy bikes allowed

Designers: you have 9 months until winter, so get going.


At 6:25 PM, Anonymous jamesmallon said...

A carbon-belt on the new Shimano 11 Alfine (oil-bath doesn't freeze). Full rigid 29er with wide rims and 3" tires (no need for the full Pugsley). Steel doesn't rust that much, if you frame-save it and keep it inside at night (aluminum oxidizes too, and I don't trust plastic [carbon] below zero). Big fenders.


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