Monday, April 19, 2010

Better bike maps, mostly

Top: Improved new edition. Bottom: old version. (New map still has problems. The location of the town of Hemmingford is covered in the new map by the map-legend, oops! And they call Rt 202 Rt 222, oops again!)

Vélo-Québec produces some bike-map books. These have improved over the years, with better quality maps. The original maps were missing all kinds of useful info.

Source: 6th and 9th editions of : Les Voies Cyclables au Quebec"

Some Statistics:

6th edition: 206 maps, 234 municipalities, 6000 km of bike paths

9th edition: 195 maps, 75 municipalities, 8000 km of bike paths


At 4:49 PM, Blogger Pierre le Grand said...

Not a word on the map about a place called Covey Hill?

I have heard of it, all that remain is to climb it.


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