Friday, April 16, 2010

A route to downtown... without cars?

The mountain and the route from the northeast

Follow the yellow marked road from Mont Royal avenue to top of Peel downtown. (The short section in red should be walked)

When going downtown we like to avoid cars. Not just avoid them on the street, but avoid the street altogether.

This route takes a part of parc Mont Royal's Olmstead road and then the forested edge-of-mountain parking lots behind the Royal Victoria hospital (this is a surprising excellent route).

When arriving on the downtown side of the mountain, be sure to stop and enjoy the view. This is not optional! This mansion-turned-hospital is Ravenscrag. It was the most magnificent home in all of Canada. It is now the Allen Memorial Institute. CIA-funded LSD-brainwashing experiments took place here in the 1960s. Oh the good old days!

This is our favorite without-traffic route to get to downtown.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Pierre le Grand said...

Is this path suitable for narrow tire road bikes?


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