Sunday, June 06, 2010

Torching rural landmarks

We read in today's newspaper that the church in Inverness was burned down last month.

Inverness is located in the heart of what is known as The Celtique Way, a regional tour of the Irish roots of the region. There was a wonderful feature article written about it last year in the Gazette. We were intending to visit this year on some fine summer weekend.

This church was one of the jewels of this tour. We love to ride from town to town and village to village across this beautiful province of ours, always looking at the churches as we pass through. often stopping and admiring the beauty and hard work that went into building our churches. We often have a snack on the church steps, under a tree or in a nearby cemetery. We value this part of our heritage. Every church has a unique character, a character that is the foundation of each community that built the church.

And then some arsehole torches the church.

We are sure many city dwellers will give this news a quick "meh" and move on without really caring or giving it a second thought. But.... we came from the countryside. We value the rural heritage of Quebec (french, english, scotch, irish and a few others here and there). And although the secularization of our society continues, we will continue to value the cultural heritage that our churches legitimately claim.

And then some peckerhead moron burns one down.

And we lose a piece of our history, a piece of our lives. Churches are frequently the heart and soul of the community, ans the centre piece of village life. When they burn down they are gone forever.

Here is the link to our original post about the Celtique way, and here is a link to the story about the fire.


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