Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eastern Townships Trio

A trio of easy Eastern Townships bike path rides:

1) L'Estriade: Waterloo to Granby

A nice paved, serviced, away-from-roads rail-to-trail bike path. Very popular (so it can be quite busy).

2) Tomifobia Nature Trail: Ayer's Cliff to Stanstead

A nice, scenic unpaved, trail that follows the winding Tomifobia river completely away from civilization once you leave the start/end points of the trail at the villages.

3) Les Grandes Fourches: North Hatley to Lennoxville along the Massiwippi river.

A riverside unpaved bike path along the river at the bottom of the Massiwippi escarpment. Path connects to Sherbrooke at both villages, and is part of the bigger Grand Fourches Sherbrooke-region bike path network.

We like all three of these paths, when we are looking for relaxed car free bike rides.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Armando said...

Hello, I just found your wonderful blog.
My name is Armando I'm from Venezuela and we (my wife and me) just have two month in Montreal. We love bikes and we really want to start to ride in this nice country. I brought my mountain bike (29er Gary fisher) but my wife do not have bike yet. Right now, because we are arriving we are going to buy something very cheap.
If i may, I just want to ask you 2 questions: What do you think about Écovélo as a first city bike and, maybe, some mediums rides?

And my second question is: could you tell me where to find and which is a nice map, or map book to ride in Quebec?

I hope to not bother you with these questions, and thanks for a nice blog.


Armando Bajares


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