Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tour des streams dans Montreal

The Mile-end stream starts in the Mount Royal Cemetery.

(If anyone knows the real name of this stream, please let us know.)

Many streams once flanked the sides of Mount Royal

A stream-themed exploration of upper Outremont

The purpose of urbanization is to remove nature from the surface and replace it with the built environment. The visual landscape of nature is replaced with a man-made facsimile. Montreal (the island) had many streams and rivers before the modern man arrived, and today very few remain anywhere near the surface.

The stream, confined (and how!) but not tamed.

The Sisters managed to seal in and fence off the stream running through their property above Cote-Ste-Catherine road. You can catch a glimpse of it on both sides of avenue Maplewood.

The Mile-End stream

What we have always called "the Mile-end stream"is one of the few above-ground streams in central Montreal.

We are not providing any detailed directions, because we think that anyone who sets out to do a bit of exploring and discovering (anyone = you) should not have too many clues.

The Peel Street stream

The renovated Peel street entrance to Mont Royal Park has a highly man-made stream that is also on the surface, and worth exploring. Especially after a rain storm when the design offers a good display of wetlands with variable hydro-periodicity. We did a photo story on it last year.

The Peel Street stream and stairs (renovations are now completed)

The Vieux Port (old Port)

The Vieux Port park has a pair of ponds that are claimed to be part of an underground stream that they put back on to the surface in the park that is the Vieux Port.

Not quite as it looked when Montreal was founded


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