Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bixi bites local bike merchants

The Bixi popularity has reduced sales at local bike shops, reports radio canada (francais).

Time to rethink your marketing, bike shops. (You are thinking bike shops have marketing? That's a surprise!)

Some examples:
  • The Bixi should be in addition to your personal bike(s), it should not be your only bike.
  • Tried a Bixi? Now try a good bike.
  • If you like the Bixi, you'll love a lightweight bike.
  • Frustrated because the Bixi stand is empty, or full with no place to park? Time to get your own bike.
  • Has Bixi caused you fall back in love with biking? Time to get a bike of your own.
  • Who else sat on that Bixi seat? (Yuck!) Time to get a bike of your very own.


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