Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Is your bike LOYAL?

Do you love your bike?

Does your bike love you?

Are you sure?

The issue of bike loyalty is much under-discussed.

Loyalty is related to bike reliability. A reliable bike is inherently loyal.

But loyalty is more than reliability, is has an element of livability, of fit and comfort, and certainly your bike should adore that single-most important person in its universe: you the rider.

Your bike should not prepare your lunch.

Your bike should not scratch your back.

But your bike should, and we cannot emphasize this enough: give you back more in return from any and all energies (physical, spiritual, etc) you put into it.

Your bike should make you feel good to be riding it. It should be, like jazz, be a happy feeling.

A loyal bike bike will give you a happy feeling.

However, even the most loyal bicycle cannot stop today's heavy rain.


We got thinking about loyalty when this person described her bike as " a sturdy, loyal bike from Halfords - light and practical." She likes going fast downhill on her bike, and that's another thing that a loyal bike should do well.


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