Monday, September 06, 2010

152 km + 7000 ft climbing? Insanity never felt so good.

A highly scenic ride, with a few hills.

Vianney, and its amazing new road descending to St-Ferdinand

Even though Sunday's bike ride had a total of 7100 ft of climbing and a big-day of 152 km distance, it was another really good ride. It was a full day of scenery, distance, hills, and history.

There was a bit of dirt road involved and one dirt uphill (320 metres of climbing, all on dirt, and some walking was involved) that we could have done without, but this hill took us to the village of Vianney, and on the other side of this village is seven kilometres of brand new pavement. That same seven kilometres goes 900 feet downhill. In other words, it does not take long to get to St-Ferdinand. Zoooooom.

As the day progressed, we noticed the sunset arrived before the end of the ride did. So we finished the ride after dark, but we got back ok using our rear lights and reflectors, and finished with a really big hunger.

We discovered that the last hill before Ste-Sophie-de-Halifax never ended, every hill we crested always had another hill in the distance, until finally we could see the St-Laurence plains and it was downhill time.

Today's mega-ride. It can definitely be done in a shortened version.

The bike ride map is available at Bikely (click here).

2140 metres = 7020 feet, the Vianney descent is a good one.

We don't usually print a ride's elevation profile, but this one is one for the record books.


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