Friday, October 08, 2010

East Hereford mountain biking open October 9-29

After a short hunting season closure, mountain biking is open again at Eastern Township''s mountain bike paradise East Hereford.

After short hunting season closure, the 43 km of off-road bike trails are open again on Saturday October 9. The trails close on October 29.

Driving there is on scenic Eastern Townships autoroute. Full services are available in Coaticook and Magog. From Coaticook East Hereford is 30 minutes, car parking is behind the church. East Hereford is fully rural, with no stores and one restaurant. There is a fish farm with store.

Trail map at AllezY.

There are no condos, cowfarms, fences, or modern conveniences of any kind. It is off-road cycling through single track and forest road up and around the side of a hilly mountain terrain. Forest and balsam fir tree plantations (christmas tree farms). You leave civilization behind for a few hours.

We love it here.

Click here for pictures.


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