Friday, October 01, 2010

Firday afterwork sunset ride


Home from work.

Change out of corporate serfware and ride over to, up to the top of, and down Mount Royal.

The following were awesome:

  • The deep forest of Olmstead Road a piece of the countryside hidden from the urban landscape, the crown jewel of Montreal.
  • Beaver lake lookout
  • Olmstead Road downhill to Pine avenue's (i.e. from monument) view of downtown
  • The view from the Mont Royal Chalet lookout over downtown, the Monteregie hills and eastern townships, Vermont, and Covey Hill
  • The view north to the Outremont Summit, Oka mountain and the laurentians and Lac St-Louis
  • The summit, again.
  • The ride down through the canyon and Camelien Houde
  • McGill Campus
  • Upper Outremont and the Mile-End Stream where it crosses under Maplewood
  • Scenic ruelle Maplewood

Sunsets after work will soon disappear with the arrival of autumn's darkness. So go outside and get some sunset today.


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