Friday, October 01, 2010

Good planning = good fun

We like to go for bike rides. Some are short, some are easy, some are from our front door. But some are farther away, and we need to remember to bring everything we need. At one point or another we have forgotten everything a cyclist could forget to bring. The key to unlock the bike? Yup, we forgot it. Cycling shoes, yup. Shorts, gloves, jerseys,helmet, tools? Yessir.

Learning from our mistakes (for a change) we developed a system of organization to carry the necessary stuff to create all the conditions for a successful bike ride. Or you can develop a system of extreme minimalism and which may or may not rely on the kindness of strangers and riding partners, but it is way more risky.

Our system of organization involves a cycling dufflebag (nicknamed "they saw you coming") that organizes cycling stuff in a useful way. Shoes and helmet in pockets at either end and everything else in the middle.

When this bag is packed, we are ready to roll, so bike + duffle bag goes into car and we soon arrive at one of the hundreds of excellent Quebec cycling destinations. For fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Good planning = good fun. It's a guarantee.


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