Monday, October 18, 2010

Montreal's Route Verte "missing link"

It's easy to just paint a line on paper. Let's build this thing!

Montreal lacks an off-street north-south bike path.

This map of the Route Verte promises a new bike path along the CP rail tracks going to the north shore of Montreal island. (Observant readers will notice that this north-south path seems to be a lot more east-west than north-south. Interesting fact: in Montreal east-west is actually north-south. We kid you not.)

But, when, oh when, will we actually see this bike path come into existence.

This year? No.

Next year? Probably not.

This decade? maybe, but we are not optimistic. Mainly because we think CP Rail doesn't want bikes anywhere near their train tracks unless the government pays CP rail massive amounts of money. We invite CP rail to prove us wrong and donate the necessary land to create this much-needed north-south bike path.

We really, really, want to see this bike path project completed. Let's take the street-risk out of riding north-south.


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