Sunday, October 10, 2010

a recipe for a successful ride

We carry these in the camelbak, because we hate walking.

Revealed here are some secret ingredients for a successful ride.

These secrets live their lives inside the camelbak ecosystem.

To these ingredients, we add:
  • wallet, phone, keys, camera
  • assorted edible items (both liquid and solid)
  • extra clothing layers
  • the map!!!
All bikes should have their own flat repair kits (pump, tube, patchs).

Completing a long and/or faraway ride is 90% muscles, but the 9% that is good preparation will make the difference between a fun ride and a bummer ride. The last 1% is for the map.

Now, we know you are well prepared, but ask yourself, what about the clowns I ride with? Now you know why we carry those extra tubes...

Ride that bike!


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