Sunday, October 10, 2010

Warwick's pitstop on Route Verte #1

Maison des fromages beside the bike path

These are some good local cheeses, terroir exploration is fun stuff.

Restored Warwick train station

Route Verte #1 passes through the middle of the village

The Route Verte in this region consists of the Corridors verte d'Asbestos and parc lineaire des Bois Francs. Nearby towns are Richmond, Asbestos, Danville, Kingsey Falls, and Victoriaville.

Flocks of geese heading south

We ended the day watching geese migrate at Danville's Etang Burbank (pond). We were here for the Festival des oiseaux migratoire, but the pond is a prime location to see some amazing nature in action, with or without a festival. This is highly recommended spectacle.

Mexicans harvesting Quebec cranberries (thanks guys)

Earlier in the day we visited the centre d'interpretation des canneberges (cranberries) in St-Louis-de-Blandford. This seasonal exhibition has a guide giving an educational talk through five exhibits in an indoor chapiteau. Then you hop on a bus and go out to the cranberry fields to see the cranberry production and harvesting. They flood the fields to harvest the fruit from the low bushes where the berries grow. The berries float, and they are colorful, so it's quite a nice show.

We came home with cranberries, raw, transformed, and even converted to beverages.


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