Friday, April 15, 2011

After work urban exploration sunset ride

Around and around we go, and where we go next nobody knows!

Cities are big. We come from a wee little village, and are always amazed at the size and variety of sights to see in the big city. Sights that are best seen from the seat of a bike!

Here's an example of a meandering but wide-ranging bike ride we took last night.

We went to the east, we went to the south, we went to the west, we were downtown and in the old town, and we went over the mountain.

We saw the sunset, we saw Mont Royal from several good viewpoints, and we had tons o'fun.

Things we saw:
  1. The field of Giant Trees in Parc Lafontaine
  2. The lakes at Parc lafontaine
  3. some really old houses at the southeast corner of the ride
  4. Notre-Dame viaduct- Post Modern architecture sidewalks & Mont Royal views
  5. Dalhousie Station - Canada's first transcontinental train made its Montreal stop here
  6. Bonsecours street, Montreal's least flat street
  7. Marché Bonsecours dome
  8. Place Jacques Cartier
  9. Vieux Port (old port) Pier Jacques Cartier & Bonsecours Basin to edge of St-laurence river
  10. Oldish Montreal (west end of Old Montreal)
  11. Place Ville plaza with view of Mont Royal
  12. Atwater street climb above Sherbrooke
  13. Mont Royal's Beaver lake at sunset
  14. Descent via Camelien Houde, plus Mont Royal's east-end lookout

That's enough for one night!

Here is another Montreal urban bike tour we did with a different theme and a shorter distance.


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